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  • Apra Australia / PyroTalks Webinar May 19 2021

Apra Australia / PyroTalks Webinar May 19 2021

  • 19 May 2021
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Zoom (link to be sent May 18)


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Deep Research: Expelling Myths & Using Inference 

Understanding financial information is the bedrock of prospect research, yet many of us have come into the sector without a background in financial analysis. 

We make do by learning bits 'here and there' but largely we rely on inherited practices passed down from researcher to researcher. These practices often go uncontested but what if some of our core assumptions mean we've been undervaluing prospects for decades? And what if there were key tools that we've been missing that would make all our wealth estimates more accurate? 

Join Jason Briggs and Jonathan Jeffery as they dispel common myths found in prospect research that are holding teams back and learn inference tools that help uncover hidden prospects.

  • Learning Point 1: Learn financial myths that hold us back in our sector and how to address them

  • Learning Point 2: Learn inference tools that help to uncover hidden prospects and make your estimates more accurate

Experience: A general understanding of key financial terms, however this is not entirely necessary as we will ensure key terms we used are defined and supply a glossary specifically written for fundraising researchers.

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