At Apra Australia, diversity and inclusion are the core values of our organisation. As an organisation that serves professionals working within the philanthropic sector, Apra believes it has a responsibility to our society and our sector to develop and maintain a diverse organisation that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. We recognize that many of the institutions served by Apra’s members have prioritized diversity and inclusion, and we want our efforts to amplify and support those organisational priorities. We believe that the wide array of perspectives resulting from diversity and inclusion allows all organisations to be more effective.

By increasing diversity and inclusion, we believe we will access more expansive and varied ideas, information and perspectives and leverage the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organisations. Apra welcomes members at any point in their career, from any context, and who represent a range of backgrounds, thoughts, approaches, and experiences. Further, we recognize that the responsibility for excellence, diversity, and inclusion lies with all of us: the board, Apra staff, volunteers and members.


  • Apra supports the collective empowerment of people of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, sizes, incomes, marital statuses, ages, geographic locations, philosophies, and recognises that all members are equal
  • Apra encourages all members to embody the principles of diversity and inclusion throughout their interactions with Apra and their organisations by seeking out, valuing, and respecting experiences that are different from their own
  • Apra will protect and encourage the free exchange of divergent opinions and demonstrate an appreciation for different voices
  • Apra will foster an environment that promotes open communication, respectful debate, and informed decision-making
  • Apra commits to exploring potential underlying, unquestioned assumptions that interfere with inclusiveness
  • Apra acknowledges that advocating for equity is an active process that requires a continuous commitment to fostering and promoting a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Apra believes that every member has a contribution, and it is our duty to encourage and promote that contribution
  • To achieve our goals, Apra believes it is necessary to be strategic and intentional in formalising and pursuing meaningful diversity and inclusion as central aspects of our governance and programming

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